Logic Pro X 10.2.4 Update: Focus on Stability & Performance

Logic Pro X 10.2.4 has been released by Apple! Before you get excited looking for new plug-ins, this update seems primarily for stability and performance and bug fixes. Which is of course good too!  

Hot on the tails of the recent Logic Pro X 10.2.3 release, Apple have brought out 10.2.4. The focus is mainly on stability and reliability and performance improvements. Here's what Apple say has been improved... we're downloading it soon ourselves, but wanted to let you know as soon as we knew!

But remember my Logic buddies... always back up your Mac before updating! ;)

Here's what's new in Logic Pro X 10.2.4: 


Logic Pro X no longer quits unexpectedly:

  • Sometimes when opening or creating a project.
  • Sometimes when picking an icon for a Drum Machine Designer cell.
  • When rubber band selecting a group of notes in the Piano Roll immediately after changing screen sets.
  • When initializing a connected Mackie HUI control surface.
  • When the currently active audio device is disconnected and then reconnected.
  • When selecting Import Audio from an Alchemy SOURCES pop-up menu.
  • When using an Alchemy SOURCES pop-up menu to import audio on a system that includes a mounted volume whose name begins with a Unicode 2-byte character.
  • When a file with a name containing 2-byte characters is dragged onto the Current or Reference button of the Match EQ plug-in.


  • Opening the extended parameters of Retro Synth in OS X Yosemite no longer sometimes triggers an Internal Error alert.
  • There is no longer a glitch at the beginning of a skip cycle area when Cycle Pre-Processing is enabled.
  • Quantizing notes on a Software Instrument track during playback no longer sometimes causes audio dropouts.
  • Stepping through Alchemy presets no longer causes the memory usage of Logic Pro to rise unexpectedly.
  • Alchemy no longer causes Logic Pro memory usage to rise unexpectedly when stepping though samples using the source left/right buttons.


  • It is once again possible to Shift-click to select non-contiguous notes in the Piano Roll editor.
  • Pressing Option-Shift while adjusting the Piano Roll Velocity slider again sets all notes to the same velocity as expected.
  • It is once again possible to use the pointer to rubber-band select MIDI Draw points that were created with a MIDI channel setting of All.
  • It is no longer possible to inadvertently set the length of a note to 0 ticks in the Event Editor or the Step Editor.


  • Addresses a rare automation related issue that could cause a bypassed Send on a muted Channel Strip to remain active.
  • Duplicating a track now reliably duplicates all plug-in parameter values.
  • Clicking Cancel in the dialog shown when deleting an Aux in the mixer that is assigned to a track no longer deletes the Aux.
  • Solo now works on channels routed to mono outputs higher than Output 1 or 2.
  • Soloing a channel strip routed to a mono output no longer unexpectedly mutes the right output.
  • Soloing an output above 1—2 now mutes Output 1—2 as expected.
  • Duplicating a track now also duplicates its track notes.


  • VoiceOver again properly announces selected regions.


  • Audio is now routed properly from Audio Unit-based multi-output instruments in projects saved in previous versions of Logic Pro X.
  • When importing drum kits into Ultrabeat, the Import Kit name is again properly displayed.
  • Instances of the Tremolo plug-in with a rate set to a Hz value are no longer reset to 32 bars when the project is loaded.


  • Joining audio regions when Low Latency mode is enabled no longer sometimes leads to the new region being shifted to an incorrect position.
  • If the Toolbar Replace button is activated while the Project Settings > Recording window is open, all the Overlapping Recordings settings now switch from Toggle to Replace.
  • Autopunch recording on MIDI tracks now behaves as expected when Record > Overlapping MIDI Recordings > Replace is enabled.
  • Manually punching in and out in Replace mode now works properly with MIDI regions.
  • When recording MIDI in Replace mode with Cycle enabled, playing MIDI before the start of the Cycle no longer causes the measure before the Cycle start to be replaced.
  • Dragging an Apple Loops file into a track with a custom name no longer renames the track.
  • It is once again possible to assign a custom key command to the Discard Last Recording and Return to Last Play Position command.
  • Editing notes in the mixer notepad no longer sometimes causes custom fonts to reset, or text to be unexpectedly duplicated.
  • Text pasted into an existing note now properly takes on the color of the existing text, and doesn’t cause  the existing text to change to the default color.
  • It is once again possible to rename files and regions in the Project File browser using a key command. The key command is now assignable and is called “Rename.”
  • It is once again possible to enter text into the patch name cell within the Multi-Instrument object in the Environment window.
  • It is once again possible to extend the selection of an audio file beyond the current visible area in Impulse Response Utility.

 Via: https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT203718

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