Logic users, stand tall and simultaneously feel like a kid in a candy store. Apple have released the free 10.2.3 update for LPX users, and there's some really cool new features and fixes inside.  

Main Logic 10.2.3 Features At A Glance

New Features/Enhancements







Track Stacks

Global Tracks








Control Surfaces/MIDI Controllers




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A quick heads up for people: I upgraded and then could not start Logic as it would crash while starting up. The fix for me was to delete the preference file. There's a slightly old Apple Support document on where the file is and in my case there were three preference files. Here's the page if you have problems with the update:


I went with item #10. Delete user preferences. In that directory I had three files with names starting with com.apple.logic and I deleted all three.

After doing that everything appears to be working just fine.

I have played with Flex a little bit and it seems to be remarkably better so far as sound quality dragging pitches up and down and also dragging transients left and right on the time line. If you found it a little grainy before, give Flex another chance. I sang a simple phrase into a mic and then could drag notes quite far and it still sounded natural, much like using AutoTune and adjusting the throat parameter — except Logic has no such parameter and didn't seem to need it. THEY IMPROVED THIS LOTS.

The rest I've not really explored yet.
Magic Fingers
This is GREAT!!!
"Three new Chinese traditional instruments: pipa, erhu, percussion"

After a successful 10.2.3 update I can't find them in the instruments list. Could someone help me what I'm doing wrong? How can I access them?

"300 new Chinese Apple Loops"
Again, how to access them? Sound Library Manager doesn't provide these Chinese loops for downloading.

Thanks for your help in advance!
Pipa and Echu are patches in the ESX24 sampler. I didn't even bother to look for them until I saw your comment here. Just make a track with ESX24 as the software instrument then you can easily find them in the library under "Pipa" or "Erhu". I'm not clear what the percussion is actually named so I am clueless there. If you can't find these two instruments then you might need to download/update the sound library. Likely you just didn't look in the right place.

In the Apple Loops library I searched under "Chinese" and found a bunch of things, about 100 items. I don't know what these new things are named, but those including the names Pipa and Erhu are probably some of them.

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