Logic Pro中量化的提示,第2部分

In the second part of this walk-through of Logic's Advanced Quantization features we're going to have a look at probably the most useful and powerful feature  

在这个步行 ​​通过的第二部分逻辑的高级量化功能去一看,有可能是最有用和强大的功能,为创造更自然的冠冕堂皇的量化。量化强度。



Here's the non-quantized piano:



若要使用此功能,你需要将它应用到一个地区(它不能做里面的钢琴卷帘)。你选择违规的地区,并从下拉菜单中选择一个基地量化值。由于我的笔记(大约)第八音符值生病选择1 / 8注“。




Now all my notes have been pulled 80% of the way between their original position and the absolute 1/8-note grid position I set. Quantize Strength has a kind of gravitational effect on note events. 

The distance they travel is relative to how out of time they were. The most important thing is they never reach that absolute value and what you’re essentially hearing is (at least) 20% of my original performance.

You can see the effect of this in the image below.

Here’s the Piano with a Q-Strength of 80%:

If you have to quantize then this is the most natural way to do it. Use your ear to decide how much percentage is enough. If it sounds OK with just 50% then use 50%!


Quantize Strength is also available as an option when using Flex Time with audio. This means you can naturally tighten up a performance just a bit without sucking all the life out of it.


Don’t forget that Q-Strength is a global setting:  it affects all the MIDI notes inside the selected region. Next time well look at how we can be a bit more selective in what we actually quantize.

了解更多有关在量化逻辑逻辑201 -逻辑大师

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