Logic Pro: Get Creative with Region Parameters

Once you've recorded MIDI notes into Logic Pro there's a host of ways to alter the performance. Darren Burgos examines how to make use of the Region parameters area. + download Logic Project.  

The Region Parameters window is one of my favorite windows in Logic Pro. It's the small drop down menu at the top of Logic's Inspector. It's quite easy to ignore this window for its lack of visual appeal (to say the least!), but it has some of the most powerful capabilities in all of Logic. The amazing thing about this window is that everything you do is nondestructive and region based (nothing you select in this window is ever permanently applied to the region, and can be turned on/off at any time). In this article I'll be evolving a simple track by using various Region Parameters. 

If you'll be following along, you can either download the logic project below, open a track you've been working on, or pull in some green apple loops. My sample track has drums, bass, and a synth pluck sound.

Download the Logic Project Here

Step 1 - Quantization

First, let's quantize the regions. I played the bass and pluck sound live, so they're not perfect. A common value is 1/16 notes. Other common values would be 1/32 for retaining hi hat fills, 1/12 or 1/24 for songs with triplets, or high values like 1/64 and up to capture a drum flam, or strums. 

Select all the regions (drums, bass and pluck), and choose 16C Swing from the Quantize parameters menu.

All regions selected and swing applied.

Step 2 - Q-Swing

You'll notice (directly below the Quantize menu) a parameter called Q-Swing (Quantize Swing). In addition to the pre-defined Swing values selectable in the Quantize parameter list, Q-Swing allows you to adjust the swing percentage manually. Swing adds 'groove'

Darren started making music on computers when he was a teenager in 1987. His first computer was an Amiga, and when he realized the power of computer-based production, his addiction for making electronic music began. Darren switched to Mac in 1994 and started using Logic Pro. He's been involved in many music projects over the years incl... Read More


Peter Schwartz
Nice one!
Glad you liked it. I didn't cover it in this article, but try Region Parameter's Q-Flam on MIDI chords too ...it slightly offsets a stack off notes so they play slightly one after the other. A Quantization value must be selected for this to work.
Thanks for the clear explanation, especially ' delay'...which totally unlocks everything for me now.It makesa simple drum pattern copied over a lot more human.Manipulating a pattern from all angles now ! I'm just wondering when using an audio basic rock drum apple loop.....how that gets delayed (audio parameter box ) . Thanks for a wonderful concise tut !
Hi Logicluvva, glad you liked it. Audio regions are handled the same way as MIDI regions with the delay parameter. They're nudged forward or back in time depending on the value you choose.

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