Logic Pro 10.6.3 released.

The Logic Pro team at Apple rolls out 10.6.3 with updates, fixes and enhancements.  

New Features/Enhancements

The Plug-in Manager now offers a way to reset Audio Unit caches and perform a rescan of all installed Audio Unit plug-ins.


Fixes an issue where Logic Pro might unexpectedly quit when loading projects with plug-ins that use PACE/iLok copy protection.

Resolves an issue where Logic Pro quits unexpectedly when Option-dragging a marquee selection within a folder.

Sampler/Quick Sampler

Key label sets can now be saved in Sampler.

Mixer and Tracks

Resolves delay compensation issues for plug-ins that require look-ahead, and for busses containing plug-ins that are side-chained to tracks.

Duplicated tracks based on tracks that have a user-defined default patch loaded are now named correctly.

Audio tracks created by bouncing software instrument tracks in place are now named correctly.


ARA edits are now properly retained for saved projects containing muted ARA regions.


Fixes an issue where changing Smart Quantize parameters could reset prior edits to note velocities.

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