Logic and The Environment, Part 2: The Clicks and Ports Layer

What is Logic Pro's Environment? Following on from Part 1, Peter Schwartz sets out to break it down into bite sized chunks. In this article he focuses on the Clicks and Ports layers.  

As we learned in the previous article, Logic and The Environment, Part 1: The Simple Truths, the environment is the place where Logic's various objects live. But now let's add to the bigger picture of what the environment is all about: it's also a place where you can create various objects to exercise control and process MIDI messages which Logic receives from controllers, standalone MIDI applications, and the Mac's own IAC bus. And the place where this is typically accomplished is in the Clicks and Ports layer.

Figure 1: The default objects of the Clicks & Ports layer.

Figure 1: The default objects of the Clicks & Ports layer.


Of the five objects which appear by default in the Clicks & Ports layer in any Logic project (Figure 1), the 'Clicks'

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