Live Performer Is A FREE Audio Plugin Host With Some Nifty MIDI Features

This new Audio Unit host for Mac musicians, Live Performer, is ideal if you don't need a full-blown DAW when playing live, but want some advanced MIDI features and audio processing.  

The developer of Live Performer, Leonardo Chiantini, contacted us with some brief details about the app and it made us sit up and pay attention. While many of us are focused on using Ableton Live, Apple's Mainstage or [insert your preferred DAW with live performance features here] there are benefits to using a streamlined app designed specifically for live performance.

And that's where Live Performer (Mac only) comes into play. It's designed as a cross between a plugin host utility with inspirational qualities. For example, Live Performer automatically saves the MIDI session just in case you hit the perfect chord progression and forgot to press record. MIDI Out sync is supported. It also includes built in chord detection, scale detection and highlights the keys being triggered. Live Performer is currently able to record the input audio and process it over a 4 effect plug-in rack.

Live Performer is currently in BETA, which means it's free to download and try out. 

Live Performer (BETA)

Here's the details:

Live Performer is an AU Host for macOS with immediate action. Live Performer is a single instrument rack with audio unit support and up to 4 + AU Effect Inserts. This is the actual feature list your feedback is welcome.


  • Input by Keyboard, Mouse/trackpad or Midi Keyboard
  • Live Chords Detector
  • Live Key hi-lighter
  • Midi Monitoring
  • Midi Instrument Out
  • Host Tempo Sync
  • Transpose
  • Velocity Override


  • Host compatible with AU Instruments
  • Host compatible up to 4 Units Effects
  • Multiple Sample Rate
  • Low Latency Buffer Size
  • Independent volume control for Input and Output

Planned Features:

  • AUV3 Support
  • Advanced Midi Log View
  • Metronome
  • Midi Recording
  • Audio Recording
  • Touch Bar Support
  • Menu View for Midi Logs
  • In Key keyboard

Nebula, the makers of Live Performer, are loking for C++ Objective C developers with some experience and passion for Audio projects. Do contact them.



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