Listen To Behringer Pro-800, $599 8-Voice Poly Synth In New Video

Take a look at this video to see and hear the prototype of the upcoming PRO-800 synth in action and hear from the team at Behringer behind recreating the Sequential Pro-600.  

Behringer announced back in September 2020 they were working on recreating the Prophet-600 polyphonic synthesizer with two extra voices than the original. Today they've released a video with an engineer's update on their PRO-800.

Without further ado, let's jump straight into the video:

In this video Adam, a Behringer engineer, showcases what they've been doing developing the PRO-800. In this 4-minute video he explains how closely they are authentically recreating the PRO-600 and that "only the control board has been improved". However, some of the original chips are no longer available so Behringer have updated the design to include new technologies that are "way better and more suited to such a product".

We've also the opportunity to take a listen to the synthesier, which judging by the comments on their YouTube video is pleasing a lot of people.

Oh, and the price... $599. Yes, $599 for a PRO-600 clone, 8-voice analog polyphonic synthesizer! Additionally, Behringer have been collaborating with GliGli on the firmware side, so you can expect more features than the original.

Thanks to the digital controller, there is an easy way to automatically tune the analog PRO-800. And, it is fully eurorack compatible.

Behringer say they have improved the playability of the synth with velocity and after touch controls, MIDI which can be clocked.

The team are working on this synth and estimate it'll be released within a few months.

Price: $599 USD

Available: Soon - TBC





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