Learn The Secrets Of Dance Music Production From The Masters

Expert tips and guidance are what we do best at the AskAudio Academy and here we have three videos from top producers to help you with some of the most important parts of producing EDM.  

When it comes to learning the ins and outs of professional dance music production, who better to ask than the experts? In our series Dance Music Masters, we worked with top EDM producers in a number of fields and across various genres to bring you the best industry advice and tips. These courses blend live action video and hands-on software demonstrations to guide you through real life production workflows and techniques. Here's a selection to get you going!

Danny Kirsch - Topline Vocal Production

In electronic dance music, a top line producer is often sent an instrumental track. He listens, gets inspired and then composes the melody and the lyrics. But that's just the beginning. Next comes the vocalist and the recording and the final production of the vocal tracks.

In this course, top line producer Danny Kirsch takes you through his vocal production workflow. Starting with an Olav Basoski instrumental track, you sit with Danny in the studio as he works with the singer and records the vocals to complement Olav’s work. in this short video from the course, Danny shows you how to composite the perfect chorus from a number of takes, stitching together the best parts of a number of different takes.  

Watch the full course Topline Vocal Production in the AskAudio Academy here

Deepchild - Dirty Circuits

With an impressive collection of hardware synths and his deep knowledge of everything analog, Deepchild intimately understands how to recreate the sound and character of the classic circuits he is looking to emulate. And, with his mastery of digital music production, he skillfully explains how to manipulate DAW software to achieve his specific, sonic goals.

In this short video from the full course, see how Deepchild works with warp mode timestretching effects in Ableton Live to achieve some cool results. You'll see how manipulating warp modes and tweaking settings can help you achieve special effects and other EDM-focused audio processing.  

Check out the full course Dance Music Masters 101: Deepchild - Dirty Circuits in the AskAudio Academy here

Miro Pajic: The Art Of Techno

A steady buzz has been gathering around German techno artist, Miro Pajic. Known for his cutting-edge, minimalistic, dance floor weaponry, we knew Miro would offer some deep insight into how to turn your inspiration into tracks that do real sonic damage.

Miro's unique workflow and unusually focused studio methodology is clearly laid out in this collection of tutorials, with the sole intention of helping you not only finish tracks, but develop effective tracks that work on the dance floor and grab the listeners.

In this short video from the full course you'll learn how to improve your breaks using a combination of effects processing, programming and arrangement techniques. 

See the full course Dance Music Masters 102: Miro Pajic: The Art Of Techno in the AskAudio Academy here

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