Learn The Secret Of Synthesizing Fat Sound With This Expert Breakdown Of The Minimoog

A fat sound is highly prized, but not all synths can really do the business. Synth expert Marc Doty reveals the secrets behind the Minimoog's unique and much-loved sound.  

Hardware synthesis is great fun, with many producers finding it has a more realistic and human quality than software. This “X Factor”, as Marc Doty explains, is the “fatness” of the sound produced by synths like the Minimoog. In this six minute video from the course The Foundation Of Synthesis : Designing Timbres, Marc explains what it is about the sound that appeals to us, and why the meaning of the term “fat” didn’t used to be what you might think it does today.  

Deconstructing the legendary Moog sound, you’ll find out how the synth’s various stages contribute to creating the much-admired warm quality and why simply having more oscillators isn’t necessarily enough. Watch the short video to find out the secret to how the Minimoog achieves its legendary fat sound!

Watch all 6 of the Bob Moog Foundation's courses on synthesis filters, modulation, oscillators, sound design and more here: https://ask.audio/academy?nleloc=course/1340/designing-timbres

The Foundation Of Synthesis – Designing Timbres

Synthesis on hardware synths is a real adventure. Every synth designer has their own interpretation on how things look, feel, sound and get patched together! In this sixth course in our Foundations Of Synthesis series, Marc Doty assembles a selection of synths from his personal collection and demonstrates how he creates his sounds.

All of the synthesis and control processes that Marc brought to the table in the previous five courses blend together as he builds (and patches) lead, bass, and FX. This course is a unique opportunity to get inside a master synthesist's head to see how he manipulates and realizes the sonic dreams that reside in his aural imagination!

Bob Moog was an early pioneer and inventor of voltage controlled analog synthesizers. He revolutionized the music industry and his ideas, inventions and musical instruments have dominated the sound of music for more than 30 years. Aside from being an innovator, Dr. Bob was an outspoken advocate of education. The Bob Moog Foundation, created by his daughter, Michelle Moog-Kousa, continues his legacy with Dr. Bob's SoundSchool, the preservation of his inventions and the development of the Moogseum – the only museum of its kind dedicated to the advancement of sonic education. We hope you will help support the BMF's efforts by watching these courses with the knowledge that a large portion of the proceeds go to support their awesome efforts!

So sit back, hit the play button, and get into sound design in this Foundation of Synthesis course with Marc Doty, and the Bob Moog Foundation.  

Be sure to watch all 6 of the BMF's courses on filters, modulation, oscillators, sound design and more here: https://ask.audio/academy?nleloc=course/1340/designing-timbres


 Listen to Portishead revealing their Minimoog workflow for their recent cover of ABBA's SOS:

Watch this excellent video course on the Minimoog Model D in the AskAudio Academy here.


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