Learn The Fundamentals Of The Buchla 200e Modular Synthesis System

Modular synthesis needn’t be daunting! In this short video, Todd Barton gives you the lowdown on the working concepts inside the Buchla 200e system.  

Modular synthesis is one of the fields where independent designers have historically made their own highly unique instruments and few are quite as unique as Buchla’s 200e Series Modules. In this short video from the course Buchla 101: the 200e Series Modules, longtime Buchla performer and expert Todd Barton gives you an introduction to the basics of the way these amazing synthesizers work. Providing all background you’ll need to get up and running quickly, Todd begins by explaining how audio patching works across the modules and how control voltage ins and outs are arranged. 

You’ll hear about how the modules are actually multi-functional and can often work in different modes as well as how all knob settings can be memorized by an onboard computer. In other videos from the full course, Todd goes on to explore the details of the various different modules in the series and show how they can be programmed and wired together to make incredible sounds!

Watch all videos from the Buchla 200e Modular Synthesizer course in the AskAudio Academy.

The Buchla 200e Series Modules

Donald Buchla was an electronic music pioneer. His instruments are revered and collected by great musicians the world over. Don recently passed away (2016) but his extraordinary 200e series modules are still being manufactured. This course, by longtime Buchla performer Todd Barton, explains and explores 10 of Buchla’s most popular modules including:

  • 261e Complex Waveform Generator
  • 281e Quad Function Generator 281e
  • 206e Mixer/Preset Manager
  • 259e Twisted Waveform Generator
  • 266e Source of Uncertainty
  • 222e Kinesthetic Input Port
  • 223e Tactile Input Port
  • 256e Quad Voltage Processor
  • 251e Sequential Voltage Source
  • 291 Triple Morphing Filter

If you’re into modular synthesizers, then you owe it to yourself to learn about Buchla’s electronic musical instruments. If you already own a Buchla, then this course can serve as a manual to help you get a better understanding of the Buchla "way". Either way, enjoy this unique course by Todd Barton and keep exploring the world of synthesis!

Watch all videos from the Buchla 200e Modular Synthesizer course in the AskAudio Academy.

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