Learn The Defining Features Of Progressive House With This Quick Video Guide

Progressive House can be broken down and some core approaches, techniques and characteristics revealed. But what are they? Find out in this short video.  

Each genre of EDM has characteristics, features and techniques associated with it that are unique. Getting to the bottom of these can be tricky but luckily expert producer Adam Pollard aka Multiplier is here to guide you with a short video outlining how Progressive House fits into the dance world. 

Adam explains the core concepts in progressive house, like four-to-the-floor kick drums, the frequent use of long running times, the use of very synthetic sounds, sparsely-used vocals and so on. You may be surprised how this style can be broken down into its constituent parts! Check out the other videos in the course to learn more about this cool musical genre. 

Watch the full course Dance Music Styles 114: Progressive House in the Ask Audio Academy here. 

Dance Music Styles 114: Progressive House

What makes Progressive House different from other dance music styles and how do you produce it? EDM expert Adam Pollard is here with answers in this 21-tutorial course where you’ll learn everything you need to know about this exciting and emotional subgenre of House music.

Adam starts the course by examining the defining elements of Prog House, before diving deeper into arrangement, structure and sound design. In his own passionate way, he reveals many indispensable production techniques associated with the genre such as: sidechain compression, filter sweeps, automation, MIDI effects and more.

Along the way, you’ll learn essential EDM mixing and mastering tips to add depth, space, excitement and emotion to your productions. Adam even shares the secrets to making your tracks stand out from the rest and which common mistakes you've got to watch out for and avoid when producing.

So join Adam as he takes you through a captivating Progressive House journey… and get your tracks pumpin’ to that next level!

Watch the full course Dance Music Styles 114: Progressive House in the Ask Audio Academy here. 


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