Learn Plasmonic, Physical Modeling Software Synthesizer

Rhizomatic Plasmonic is a unique synth created by the original mind behind the legendary NI Absynth. Discover new sound creation techniques in this course, with sound designer Rishabh Rajan!

Rhizomatic Plasmonic is a dream come true for all sound designers. If you like exploring new sonic territories and creating rich and ever-changing soundscapes, then Plasmonic is a plugin you need to add to your collection! This course, by synthesist expert Rishabh Rajan, will teach you everything you need to know to get familiar with this unique sound creation tool and start building your own patches with confidence.

Plasmonic Explored Course

Plasmonic Explored Course

Rishabh starts the course with an overview of Plasmonic's user interface. After demonstrating how to load and save presets, Rishabh dives deep into the heart of the synth: the two oscillators, the impulse generator, and the noise oscillator. He demystifies the unique Resonator's complexities and powerful filter section. Next up, you learn to saturate, EQ and expand your sound through the FX section.

One of the great thing about Plasmonic is its powerful modulation system, and Rishabh reveals all about it, demonstrating how to use the LFOs and envelopes to add life and movement into your patches. But thats not all... You also explore the expressive Modulator and Triggers tabs, the Macro Controls for real-time sound tweaking, how to use Plasmonic with MPE controllers, the art of reverse engineering patches, and more!

Plasmonic Synth UI

If you're passionate about pushing musical boundaries, this 20-tutorial course by Rishabh Rajan invites you to unleash your imagination and venture into new sonic... There's no better way to learn Plasmonic than this course, so watch now!


AskVideo Plasmonic Explored course: https://ask.video/course/plasmonic-explored


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