Learn How To Make Bigger, Better, Beefier Beats in Logic Pro X Beat Masterclass With Josh Carney

Join Josh Carney for this unique, live MasterClass where he demonstrates Logic's beat-making tools in detail. Learn how to make bigger, better and beefier beats!  

Logic has a wealth of creative tools that can help you build original, killer beats. In this MasterClass Josh Carney will demonstrate all kinds of inspiring tips and tricks using Drummer, Drum Machine Designer, EXS-24 and UltraBeat that’ll take your drums and beats to the next level. If you've been wanting to make better beats or are just looking for a better understanding of how beat making works, this MasterClass is for you!

The course starts on Tuesday October 23rd, 2018 at 10:00am (PT) / 6PM (UK) / 7PM (CET) and is not to be missed! Click here to enrol now, for just $29 and take advantage of this unique live lecture.

About The MasterClass

You’ve watched his courses on macProVideo and seen his videos as the MusicTechHelpGuy. Sign up now and experience Josh Carney teach LIVE, interactive masterclasses in our new MPV Hi-Def classrooms. It’s like having a Logic Pro X expert in your own studio!

You will be able to ask questions during the lecture, get answers and learn some very cool Logic Pro Beat Making tips. For attending you’ll receive your official, ready-to-frame Logic Pro X Masterclass completion certificate from NonLinear Educating.

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