LDM Trisektor Is A 3-Band Delay Module For Ableton Live

Get your hands on this multi-talented Max4Live device for a bargain price and bring dub style delay and echo FX to your Live tracks.  

LDM Devices are known for their clear cut design and simple effectiveness - their last release Chance Ten went down a storm with its Brian Eno-inspired randomisation. Now it’s the turn of Trisektor a MaxforLive 3-Band Delay and FX unit.

Trisektor is a MaxforLive effect for Ableton Live featuring dub style flutter effects, distortion, bitcrush, and a modulated comb filter. Create everything from subtle spatial dynamics to full on psychedelic freak out!
With the left hand side of the device you can set the high and low crossover frequencies to split the audio into 3 frequency bands.

Then you can finish off at the right hand side by setting a final frequency range at the end of the signal chain and the dry/wet balance for the audio output.  


  • Band Output – Each band can be muted by turning this off.
  • Solo – Set a band to solo to focus in on that frequency band.
  • Delay Time – Set the delay time in ms or sync intervals. In linked channel mode the left delay time will set for both stereo channels.
  • Offset – Create width in the output by offsetting one channel. These controls work even when the left and right channel are linked.
  • Feedback – Set the level of delay feedback. In linked mode the left control will set the output for both channels.
  • Link Channels – Link the channels to give the left and right channel the same feedback amount and delay time. The offset dial will still work to allow for creating width.
  • Panel Select – Switch between the front panel shown above and the effects panel
  • Comb Filter – This dial acts as a dry/wet knob for a modulated comb filter on the delay output
  • Crush – Reduce the bit depth and sampling rate of the signalOverdrive – Distort the signal
  • Volume – Attenuate the signal if the effects add too much power
  • Flutter – Create a classic dub delay wobble. The flutter time can also be set in sync times for some more rhythmic modulation

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