LaunchSync Series 2 Max For Live Devices, Now With Ableton Push 2 & Akai MIDI Mix Support

If you want your MIDI controllers to work in tandem, then Isotonic's LaunchSYNC series 2 of Max for Live devices is going to appeal. Especially now they've added Push 2 & Akai MIDMix support!  

High Wycombe, UK, 21 November, 2015–You may have noticed from our Facebook page that we've announced the second version of the LaunchSync Series is now available! 

We've taken everything that subscribers loved about the original and baked in a whole load of feature requests to make it our most comprehensive feature set yet!

Reworked from the ground up and using a new communication module courtesy of Sigabort the new devices are faster, lighter and offer more per device than before!

And we've added functionality for new controllers including the AKAI MIDI MIX and the Ableton Push 2!


LaunchSync Series 2 - AKAI MIDI MIX vs AKAI APC MINI from Isotonik Studios on Vimeo.




Designed to sync together up to 6 control surfaces to create one giant Ring Focus Box!

  • Define the relationship between the Master and each Slave
  • Bi-Directional Syncing between Slave and Master
  • MIDI control the Masters location
  • Sync the Master to Auto-Follow the currently highlighted clip or scene
  • 4 banks of 24 Mappable Encoders that link to parameters that can dynamically follow your Master's Ring focus Box, control all 24 parameters at once with a LaunchControl XL or Behringer BCR2000!
  • Full Exclude Functionality (See Below)
  • Simply recall your set up when using multiples of the same controller (Giant 6 x LaunchPad set up anyone?)


LaunchSYNC Exclude


Isotonik Studios Exclude

Want to launch scenes but not every track? Maybe exclude one shots and dummy clips for example, or have your songs in block of eight tracks each side by side...

  • Synced to a Master Controller
  • Disables the standard functionality of the Scene Launch Buttons on specific controllers
  • Auto-Follow the highlighted Track or Scene
  • List the numbers of the tracks you don't want to launch 


LaunchSYNC Oktolooper


LaunchSync Oktolooper

Setting Loops on the fly across multiple tracks just got that little bit easier!

  • Synced to a Master Controller
  • Define your favourite most common loop sizes in beats
  • Set and Control Loops across the 8 tracks in focus
  • Move the Loop Brace, or halve and double it! 

All in all the LaunchSYNC Series TWO is essential for multi-controller set ups, see below how it can transform the use of the AKAI MIDI MIX and the APC MINI!


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