LANDR's New Audio Mastering Tool Is Designed Especially For Video Editors

The company's A.I - based engine provides editors with free and high-quality finished audio for their Adobe Premiere Pro CC video projects. Here's the lowdown.  

LANDR Audio Inc, perhaps better known to musicians for their online audio mastering services, has announced the launch of a new cloud-based service that provides professional video editors and video makers with A.I.-based audio mastering to use in Adobe Premiere Pro CC. For a refresher on the kind of thing that the company does, check out our review of their online mastering service:

How It Works

Their new service, called LANDR Audio Mastering for Video, makes it easy for editors to get great sounding finished audio without the time, costs or technical expertise typically associated with professional audio mastering. The new tool analyzes the audio content of a timeline and intelligently applies a unique set of adjustments that makes it all sound great together. Dialogue pops, cutting through cleanly against music or background elements. Music sounds better. Levels are balanced. Sibilance, shrill voices, and bass dynamics are kept in check. And it all comes alive with a professional sounding glow - just like when working with a professional sound engineer.

The cloud service, says the company,  provides a cost effective and time-saving option that can serve as an alternative to mastering plugins or working with an audio engineer, which aren’t always practical options for quick turnaround productions or iterative reviews.

Audio For Video

Video editors understand that high-quality finished audio is as critical as great looking video, but perfecting the final audio can be time-consuming, technically difficult, and costly. LANDR makes it as easy as

  • 1 selecting the region of the timeline to master
  • 2 previewing your master with or without adaptive noise reduction, and then
  • 3 placing the rendered final result back in your timeline.

The system integrates directly into Adobe Premiere Pro CC and provides editors with a simple to use workflow for previewing mastering results prior to processing the entire final timeline. The company says it's ideal for a broad range of video projects including corporate, public service announcements, product reviews, beauty & cooking shows, web series and more.

LANDR Audio Mastering for Video is available for free through Adobe Exchange. Users signing up before December 31 will have access to a free 3-month trial plan that provides unlimited audio processing. After the 3-month trial period, users will have the option to continue using the LANDR service in a low-cost pay-as-you-go mode or with cost-effective and flexible subscription plans.

We'll be interested to see how producers feel about this new option - let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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Learn more about editing audio for video and Adobe CC products:

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