LANDR Launches Easy, Affordable, Artist-Friendly Music Distribution

Artists can now get their tracks on Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, Google Play, Tidal, Pandora and other music stores for next to nothing thanks to LANDR. We speak to their CEO to find out more.  

MONTREAL, QC AND LOS ANGELES, CA - LANDR, the world’s #1 A.I.-powered platform for music creators, announced today that it has expanded to empower artists to release and sell their music online.

LANDR aims to democratize digital music distribution the same way it has democratized mastering. With over 1,300,000 music creators in over 200 countries around the world, LANDR’s digital distribution platform launched globally in 9 languages.

LANDR will continue to put artists first by offering the most creator-friendly experience in the field. That starts with launching the most affordable solution for releasing music in the world today, starting at just $1/month. LANDR users keep 100% of their royalties and revenue, and there are no hidden fees for extra services—like adding albums to new streaming stores, or registering new songs to Shazam.

Along with pricing that works for musicians, LANDR also offers fast and responsive multi-lingual support. LANDR users receive updates on their release submission within two hours, thanks to LANDR’s support team of musicians and engineers, who consistently get rave reviews from its community of users.

LANDR makes releasing music as gratifying as making a record. It also crunches data on streams, listeners location, downloads, and revenue into an actionable, easy-to-understand dashboard, helping creators decide what to do next to promote themselves and their work.

The listener data dashboard offers lightning-fast insights, featuring next-day trends for Apple Music, iTunes and Spotify.

LANDR is committed to help musicians focus on creating new content, so we’ve spent a lot of attention on making our new digital distribution features easy to use and self-guiding, with real DIY artists in mind. We now have a platform where musicians can master tracks, collaborate with their peers and release their music easily, in a couple of minutes, at a price that actually makes sense for them.

With the LANDR platform, what you see is what you get: there are no hidden fees, and artists keep 100% of their royalties. LANDR works for musicians—and it shows in this irresistible offering for musicians on a budget,” said LANDR’s CEO Pascal Pilon.

In the coming months, LANDR will continue to add features for musicians, making it the most comprehensive distribution service for musicians ever made.

Unlimited distribution is included at no extra charge for LANDR Mastering subscribers.

LANDR distribution features have already been acclaimed by major industry players, like Grammy-nominated producer Bizkit, and supplied for free to all members of ASCAP, the world’s biggest performance rights organization.

Pascal Pilon, LANDR CEO

Pascal Pilon, LANDR CEO

We spoke to Pascal Pilon, LANDR CEO, to find out more about their new distribution platform and what it means for artists:

What will the criteria be for artists having their music accepted for digital distribution via LANDR

Releases that don't infringe on copyright (users can bypass this if they have the appropriate proof of rights to release). Releases that meet style guidelines outlined by iTunes (our team will help users get their releases to meet iTunes specifications). Releases that don't include any racist or hate rhetoric...

How were you able to streamline the process of getting artists' music online? What steps did you remove, or at least speed up?

Fingerprinting technology to scan for potential copyright infringement allowed us to automate a lot of this flow. Integration with our support team, quick and streamlined manual QC processes of releases, lots of automated communication. There's also weekend coverage by our support team and minimal information is required in the LANDR release builder to speed up the process for users. We also include tips and information in the release builder to help users input their information correctly (this allows for a very fast manual check process from our support team).

There are a lot of streaming / store services out there now. Do you think artists are better advised to focus on the big ones like Spotify and iTunes when promoting their work?

I think it's safe to say that focusing on the stores with the most active users would be most beneficial for artists (a better use of the time they spend promoting). But we help users cover most of the world’s stores just by using LANDR, so they don’t need to make that choice anymore as we make the process fast and easy.

Will people distributing via LANDR be able to monitor royalties and do those kinds of tasks through the service?

For the moment, users can only see how much money total they've earned from their LANDR releases on stores they went live on. By October, LANDR will offer a more detailed view on the user's earnings (per store, per country, per song/release, etc.) as well as a tool for revenue splitting with release collaborators.

Is LANDR a place where artists will be able to sell their music online in the future?

We do not plan to offer this possibility in the short term, but we listen to our users demands all the time, so we’ll see if they are missing on such a capability over time.

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