Korple Releases Dual Korg Volca Cases

Korple Volca Dual Swingcheeks accommodate two Korg Volca synths in one handy case / adjustable stand. Very convenient for studio and performance.

Following up on the success of their Volca Swingcheek case / tilting stand, Korple have released a new version with the same functionality, but for two Korg volca synths.

Korple Dual Volca Swingcheek Case. 

Like the original Swingcheeks, these Volca Dual Swingcheeks come in black/white and red. These Volca Dual Swingcheeks are designed as a tilting ergonomic stand/case. The dual width stand/case fits 2 Korg Volcas. Black/White 3D printed end cheeks with swing out legs and solid waxed oak horizontals.


  • Volca Bass
  • Volca Beats
  • Volca Keys
  • Volca Sample
  • Volca FM
  • Volca Kick

You can easily change between a flat desktop and a tilted ergonomic orientation. The Volcas fit snugly into the case and are held by friction. Simply push out from underneath to remove. 

Korple Dual Volca Swingcheek rear view.

Oh, and in case you're wondering... the Korg Volcas are not included with the Swingcheek case/stand!

Where single Swingcheek cases retail for £35, the dual version is only a tad more at £45 GBP making it a better deal for those with more than one volca synth in the studio.




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