Korg Unveil Electribe 2 and Electribe Sampler 2 With This Video

We just spotted that Korg have uploaded a new video showcasing the new Electribe 2 and Electribe Sampler 2 with a bunch of new features and functionality to explore. Check it out here.  

So, the Electribe's have just had an upgrade! They are now in new colors – Electribe Sampler in red, Electribe in Blue, we're told this is "a nod to the EMX and ESX Electribes."

The Korg Electribe 2 and Electribe Sampler 2 side by side.

The Korg Electribe 2 and Electribe Sampler 2 side by side.

Check out this video of the Electribe 2 and Electribe Sampler 2 in action:

The main new features on both Electribe 2 and Electribe 2 Sampler are:

  • One level undo
  • Pattern chain function
  • Original value indicator
  • New patterns (over 200) to inspire users

There's a new 2.0 software version also.

Playing Pokemon Go while using the Electribe 2's?

Playing Pokemon Go while using the Electribe 2's?

Korg Electribe 2

Korg tell us the new ELectribe 2's are the "fastest and most intuitive way to make beats. The latest system version 2 adds a much-requested pattern chain function that will be a great asset for live performances or music production. The lineup has also become more colorful with the new metallic model. And we've also provided bonus patterns that reveal even greater sonic potential."

Here's the official press release from Korg:

Melville, NY - - July 21, 2016 - -Korg’s electribe line of Music Production Stations have been leading the world's dance music scene for over a decade thanks to their intuitive controls and powerful sound engines. Continuing the lineage, Korg announces the new V2 electribe  and electribe-Sampler.  Both units offer new 2.0 software, which provide user-requested features such as pattern chain, one-level undo and an onscreen original value indicator. 

Korg Electribe 2

Korg Electribe 2. Click on image to zoom in.

As a nod to the best-selling and preceding ESX1 and EMX1, the electribe is offered in an “EMX” metallic blue and the electribe sampler an “ESX” metallic red.  Both models bring fresh energy to any performance with effortless knob-based sound creation, complemented by the numerous colorfully illuminated LEDs. All electribes also offer Ableton Live export for fast computer/DAW integration. 

To further expand on the updates, pattern chaining allows users to string patterns together to create full songs, providing users with the ability to chain with minimal limitation. One-level undo allows users to undo recordings with the press of a couple of buttons. The original value indicator enables users to see the original position of any knob on the panel for any part. 

Korg Electribe Sampler 2. Click on image to zoom in.

Korg Electribe Sampler 2. Click on image to zoom in.

Korg has also created 400+ brand-new bonus patterns (200+ each for the sampler and synth) all available for download from korg.com. These new patterns, along with the V2.0 Operating System, are available for free to all electribe owners.

The electribe2BL and electribe2SRD will be available in August of 2016 for $399.99.   

We're working on a review as I type... stay tuned!


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