Korg have come out with something that iOS musicians and producers are simply going to love. PlugKEY is a portable audio and MIDI interface that every iPad and iPhone wielding producer will want.  
You can get plugKEY in white...
... or black
plugKEY connected to an iPhone.

plugKEY Operating Requirements

plugKEY Specifications

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Hi Rounik, I was about to purchase the plugKEY - compact and functional, very cool, but when I looked on the Korg website at the specifications I was very surprised to see that the iPad Pro is not listed under compatible devices http://www.korg.com/us/products/computergear/plugkey/specifications.php. I find this quite baffling, and wondered if it is a mistake, or if it actually does work even though it's not officially supported. Any insight you might know on this would be great to hear.

it doesn’t work with ipad pro 2017 ios 11.2 properly. it starts to crackle when using apps in the background mode, builtin mic or when you use more then one app the same time. neither korg nor apple seem to solve the issue. so for now its just useless.
Hi ReTracer, that's odd. I imagine that's an oversight. Can't imagine why the PlugKEY wouldn't work on iPad Pro but is fine on iPad Mini and other models. Must be a mistake. :)
Would the PlugKey be compatible with an early ipad with iOS 9.3.5., assuming a 31pin adapter for Apple Lightning exists?

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