Korg Gadget For Nintendo Switch Coming Next Week

Korg Gadget is coming to the Nintendo Switch platform and now we know the price and that it will be released next week.  

Rumors of Korg Gadget coming to the Nintendo Switch platform have been swirling around for a few months now. Recently Korg updated their website to let the world know that the highly-acclaimed Korg Gadget music production center, currently for iOS and Mac, would soon be available for the Nintendo Switch gaming console.

Korg Gadget is made up of a number of small synthesizers and drum machines called "gadgets," that can be combined to produce anything from electronic music to rock music and anything inbetween.

And now we have a release date! Korg and DeTune will be releasing Gadget for Nintendo Switch next week - the week before Superbooth. You'll be able to buy and download it on April 26th and it will cost £35.09 GBP (around $48 USD).

Korg Gadget for Nintendo Switch

Korg Gadget for Nintendo Switch.

You can read our review of the latest versionf of Korg Gadget for Mac & iOS here: https://ask.audio/articles/review-korg-gadget-3-for-mac-ipad-and-iphone

It looks like Korg are going for a game-like feel in a music production environment with the Nintendo Switch version of Gadaget. For example,  "With this new music creation studio, one can create and perform music by actively twisting and turning the Joy-Con™.

"There is also a multi-player mode in which up to four people can collaborate in making music. Connect via an HDMI cable to enjoy playing on the TV in your living room, or use it with a projector for big live performances. Everyone can enjoy this new game-like DAW experience."

Yes, you read that right, four-player mode! Here's some video demos of Korg Gadget for Nintendo Switch in action:

[Via: Ubergizmo]

Price: $48 USD

Release date: 26 April 2018

Web: http://www.korg.com/products/software/korg_gadget_for_nintendo_switch/

Learn how to make music with Korg Gadget: https://ask.audio/academy?nleloc=category/audio/application/gadget

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