Korg Electribe's Fat Filters For Better Beats. This Video Shows You How

Getting hands-on with filters in hardware is always fun, and never more so that on Korg's popular Electribe groovebox. But did you know you can automate them too?  

Korg's Electribe is one of the coolest grooveboxes around and has been a mainstay of many live and studio setups for a number of years. In this short two minute video from the course Korg Electribe 101: Getting Started With Electribe, G.W Childs shows you around the filter section of the hardware, demonstrating how to make those fat, creamy filter sweeps we all know and love. 

You'll see the various types of filter available on the Electribe hardware as well as practical examples of how to use them on different kinds of sounds including low and high frequencies. There's even filter automation available so you can program in filter sweeps quickly and easily. Watch the other videos in the course to get the complete rundown on how Electribe works and how it can help you make music!

Watch the complete course Korg Electribe 101: Getting Started With Electribe in the Ask Audio Academy here. 

Korg Electribe 101: Getting Started With Electribe

Ever since its introduction in 1999, Korg’s Electribe line has been very popular among electronic musicians and DJs. In this course, G.W. Childs explores both the Electribe 2 blue synth and the Electribe 2 red sampler, and shows you how to use them to their full potential.

First, you learn all the basics: how to upgrade your devices to the latest OS, how to select & clear patterns, and how to sculpt your sound with the filter. G.W. Childs then shows you step by step how to build a full pattern starting with a melody in your head, and how to develop your musical idea beyond a 4-bar loop. Next, you discover how to get a bigger and more exciting sound using the built-in effects, and how to jam out ideas live with the touch pad. Continuing with the course, you’ll also learn everything about chord mode, sampling, step input mode and more… The course concludes by revealing how to use your Electribe workstations with other devices, and how to integrate them in a computer setup.

What are you waiting for? Watch this “electribe-fying”, 21-tutorial course by G.W. Childs, and get your groove on with your Electribe!

Watch the complete course Korg Electribe 101: Getting Started With Electribe in the Ask Audio Academy here. 

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