Korg Bundles ARP ODYSSEY FS With SQ-1 Sequencer For Limited Time Only

When connected to the new full-size key ARP Odyssey analog synthesizer, the SQ-1 hardware sequencer looks like some kind of Star Wars droid. But don't let that put you off a very useful synth bundle.

It seems to makes complete sense to create a bundle for the Arp Odyssey FS and include a hardware sequencer. But for some reason the relative sizes of both these machines may make you do a double take. However, it's a powerful combination and here's more info about this limited-time offer Korg are calling the ARP Odyssey FSQ.

Melville, NY – January 18th, 2018 – Korg has announced a resurgence of the popular ARP ODYSSEY FS, this time as a limited-edition bundle that includes a Korg SQ-1. With perfectly replicated analog circuits and sound, and a full-size chassis to match the original, this limited-production product will be available in all three historic colors (white, black/gold and black/orange).

All models also include a limited-edition ARP color version with orange silk-screening on a black panel, as well as two mini-patch cables to make sequencing seamless and convenient. By connecting via CV/GATE, users who prefer analog sequencing can enjoy the infinite possibilities of ARP’s legendary synthesis on a full-size unit.

Main Features of Arp Oyssey FSQ

  • Full-sized ARP ODYSSEY equipped with a full-size, 37 note keyboard.
  • Reproduction model assembled in Japan from an extremely limited number of stock components.
  • Available in all three generation color variants: Rev1, Rev2, and Rev3.
  • All three generation color variants contain all three original analog filter circuit revisions
  • Packaged together with a limited-edition ARP color version of the KORG SQ-1 step sequencer.

Like the ARP ODYSSEY series that relaunched the brand, and the modules to follow, the FS series offers the same three-filter configuration, USB and 5-pin MIDI and the classic rubber pitch and mod pads. 

Price: $1599.99

Availability: ARP OYSSEY FS will be shipped in 2018 worldwide following its assembly in Japan.  

Web: http://www.korg.com/uk/products/synthesizers/arpodyssey_fsq/

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I really, really wanted an Arp Odyssey re-release in White or Black/Gold but with keys. I didn't care if they were mini or not. Not only were the White and Black/Gold mini versions extremely limited (to certain distributors) but their full size counterparts were gone so fast that people forget they ever existed. There is also the huge price difference in an item that is 14% (?) larger.

This news is great but I probably won't be able to get one. Bring back the White, Black/Gold mini version Arp/Korg! and don't do limited stuff from certain shops... please. thank you. Rant over.

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