KONTAKT 6.7 Brings M1 Support, Windows 11 Compatibility, and more

The long awaited ARM compatibility version of Kontakt is here! In addition, Kontakt 6.7 offers macOS 12 and Windows 11 compatibility, and introduces new bass amps and more...

The latest edition of NI's flagship sampler brings native support for Apple’s M1 chips as well as compatibility with macOS Monterey and Windows 11. NI also added two new bass amps from the GUITAR RIG 6 stable – the tube-powered Bass Pro and the all-new Bass Invader, created with Intelligent Circuit Modeling technology.

You can now run Kontakt natively on Silicon in Standalone mode and as a plugin in all DAW’s that currently support ARM.

Kontakt is now also compatible with macOS 12 (Monterey) and Windows 11.

While working on the compatibility we took the opportunity to make significant changes in the Kontakt codebase. This resulted in fixing a lot of user facing bugs but also in improving a lot of things under the hood.

Additionally, this release expands the sonic capabilities of the platform with the addition of 2 new bass amplifiers from Guitar Rig (Bass Pro & Bass Invader) that are modelled using award-winning techniques. Bass Pro delivers that gritty, growling sound and Bass Invader gives everything you need to make low end sounds and get that classic 90s British indie flavour.


Here's the full list of changes:

  • Kontakt is now native ARM compatible.
  • Kontakt is now macOS Monterey compatible.
  • Kontakt is now Windows 11 compatible.
  • Minimum supported macOS version is now 10.14.
  • Minimum supported Windows version is now Windows 10.
  • Show replace Multi dialog setting is now replaced by a new preference option.
  • There are now two new amplifiers (Bass Invader and Bass Pro).
  • Fixed: Kontakt VST3 could crash loading instruments with very long host automation names.
  • Fixed: Memory was not released correctly in VST3 under certain conditions.
  • Fixed: Replika in Ping-Pong mode would not initialise recalled parameters correctly since Kontakt 6.6.1.
  • Fixed: Replika in bus effects slots would not follow tempo changes.
  • Fixed: Plate Reverb would incorrectly recall in stereo when saved in mono.
  • Fixed: Lo-Fi Noise parameter would lose realtime control after modulating SR or Bits params.
  • Fixed: 3x2 Filter gain knob would not allow text input.
  • Fixed: Modulation in the Phasis effect was behaving incorrectly.
  • Fixed: Automation could not be dragged to UI elements beyond 512th instance.
  • Fixed: Step modulator can now have all of its 32 steps modulated.
  • Fixed: All Convolution factory presets have been updated to zero latency mode.
  • Fixed: Number of zones in Expert tab would get cut off when exceeding 9999.
  • Fixed: Quick Load view would obscure the virtual keyboard.
  • Fixed: Long sample paths would get cut off when hovering the sample name in the mapping and wave editors.
  • Fixed: Collection of minor cosmetic GUI fixes.
  • Fixed: Collection of various info pane fixes.
  • Fixed: Factory scripts using note duration set to Bar now work properly in Kontakt standalone.
  • Fixed: Crash when declaring KSP ui_file_selector under certain conditions.
  • Fixed: KSP Saving a string array would add an extra white space.
  • Fixed: KSP Loading a Windows-formatted (CR/LF) NKA file would result in superfluous empty lines.
  • Fixed: "Search for alternative file types" has been set to on by default in the search dialog.
  • Event Inputs and Outputs have been renamed to MIDI Inputs and Outputs in VST3 for consistency.
  • KSP Snapshot mode 2 and 3 can now be set, allowing to only store persistent KSP variables.
  • Fixed: Factory KSP Script MultiCh Transpose did not retain persistent values.
  • New Factory KSP scripts "Alternate Pan Modulation", "MIDI Latch 6x", and "Rotate Chords".

Known Issue:

  • Creator Tools does not connect when Kontakt is running natively on ARM.

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