Klevgränd Releases SyndtSphere, Synth With 3D Interface

Syndsphere is a synth from Klevgränd that dispenses with the usual knob, slider and button interface for something more revolutionary and unusual.  

Since a while back, Klevgränd has been working with new ways to interact with virtual interfaces. One of the ideas ended up in a remake of their earlier release, Syndt. Instead of presenting a UI with knobs and sliders, the user gets a bunch of presets wrapped on a three dimensional sphere. By rotating the sphere (just click and drag), internals in the synth engine will be morphed and the sound will change. There’s also a few traditional parameters for global settings.

And it’s free for desktop!

  • iOS/AUv3 (iPad & iPhone) - $1.99
  • Audio Unit (100% Free Mac plug-in)
  • VST (100% Free Mac & Win plug-in)

App store link: itunes.apple.com/us/app/syndtsphere/id1273945851?ls=1&mt=8

Read more and watch a demo video at https://klevgrand.se/products/syndtsphere


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