Klevgrand Upgrades Korvpressor For Mac, PC And iOS To v2.0

Klevgrand has upgraded Korvpressor with a bunch of handy new parameters and a set of factory presets. Here's what's new.  

Back in 2016 Klevgrand released Korvpressor, an advanced compression tool built with transparency in mind. With an innovative and unique user interface, where the user could squeeze and pinch the sound wave, Korvpressor made the interaction intuitive and effective/easy.

The plug-in was well received and highly appreciated by the audio production community and it has since then been used by prominent producers from all over the world in all kinds of genres. Klevgrand were told by the users that they loved the sound, but wanted Korvpressor to be even more versatile by adding parameters for attack and release times, ratio etc. Klevgrand agreed,
and super-charged Korvpressor with a bunch of handy parameters and a set of factory presets. The original interaction concept is still there, but the UI has got a facelift and the screen footprint is now more streamlined.


  • Recognized high quality compression algorithm • Unique and easy-to-use UI
  • New: Attack / Release time switch (three states) • New: Dry/Wet mix
  • New: Ratio switch (three states)
  • New: Maximizer Mode on/off (with a Make Up parameter knob if set to off) • New: Plenty of factory presets
  • New: Output brickwall limiter on/off switch
  • 3-band smooth EQ
  • Lookahead on / off


Upgrading from earlier versions are 100% free on all platforms. The desktop version is backward-compatible with previous version. Note that the new iOS version is AUv3 only (no IAA or standalone), so iOS users relying on Inter App Audio (Audiobus 2) or want to use it in stand alone mode should avoid updating Korvpressor.

Pricing: AU/VST/AAX: $29.99'¨

iOS (iPad/AUv3 only) $4.99'¨

(Intro price until June 3, then $59.99) (Intro price until June 3, then $9.99)

Web: https://klevgrand.se

Learn more about compression and mixing: https://ask.audio/academy?nleloc=new-releases

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