Klevgrand Releases Kuvert Envelope shaper for iPad & AU/VST

With the recently released Esspresso turning heads (we've a review coming soon), Klevgränd are not resting on their laurels. Their envelope shaper, Kuvert, is both in VST-AU plug-in and an iPad app.  

STOCKHOLM 2015-11-21 

The third and final ”release-per-month” from Stockholm-based Klevgränd produktion is here. Kuvert is designed to be really easy and fun to use, and brings a new perspective on looping which can be used within a wide range of musical contexts. 

Kuvert - Swedish Envelopes from Klevgränd produktion on Vimeo.

In short, Kuvert allows you to draw five different envelopes. Theseenvelopes control different effect parameters, and can be drawn freely or onto a grid. The envelopes are looped, while the incoming audio isn’t (unless you’re feeding it looped material of course). This is a powerful & fun way of altering your sounds to a whole new level, sometimes not even recognizable! Thanks to the looping nature of the plug-in, it will fit very well into any musical context. One way of using it would be to revitalize any looped material within a few seconds. 

Kuvert envelope shaper

It is released for iPad (with AudiBus & IAA support) as well as AU/VST plug-in for Mac and Windows

(The name ”Kuvert” is Swedish for Envelope)


Intro prices (until 2016) 

iPad: $4.99 (normally  $7) 

AU/VST: $9.99 (normally $29.99)

Web: http://klevgrand.se/products/kuvert/


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