Klevgrand Releases GotoEQ - Premium EQ For Mac, PC & iPad

Take advantage of special 50% off release pricing on this slick and powerful mobile and desktop EQ from Swedish plugin specialists Klevgrand.  

Processing specialists Klevgrand have released GotoEQ, a new premium EQ module for desktop and iPad, and there's special pricing available for release, as well as a demo version for Mac and PC. Here's what you need to know.

GotoEQ is a new evolution of a vintage passive tube-based program equalizer, expanding on that classic sound with dynamic EQ bands. GotoEQ performs the classic ‘low-end trick’ with dual Boost and Attenuate controls for its low shelf, but it also offers the ability to perform a 'high-end trick', with a similar formulation of high shelving. With continuous frequency selection, you can tune each band as you like. But most importantly of all, GotoEQ’s two mid bands offer dynamic attenuation, bringing a musical approach to the classic EQ unit.


Simultaneously boost and cut the low shelf to create that low-mid scoop on bass tracks. De-ess vocals or de-harsh overheads by engaging dynamic attenuation and tuning the high-mid band. Add air to signals with the high shelf filter, and ‘scoop’ the high-mids using a ‘high-end trick’. Get control over the ‘nose’ of bass tracks with dynamic attenuation of the Low Mid and High Mid bands. Subtly EQ a whole mix or bus using light settings and mild compression.


  • Low- and High Shelf filters, with detailed modelling of a classic passive EQ unit.
  • Two parametric dynamic filters.
  • High-pass filter: 20/40/80 Hz.
  • Preset library.
  • Continuous frequency selection for all four bands.
  • Boost and Attenuation for the Low and High shelving bands.
  • Gain, Q and Dynamic Attenuation for the two mid bands.
  • Finely-tuned compression algorithm makes mid bands react dynamically to the signal.
  • Global Input and Output Gain controls (+/-24dB)
  • Global bypass and individual band bypass.
  • Peak metering for the input or output

Demo versions for Mac and PC are available on the product website from the link below.

Price: iPad $9.99. Mac / PC $29.99 - both introductory prices.

Web: https://klevgrand.se/products/gotoeq/

Learn more about EQ and production: https://ask.audio/academy?nleloc=category/audio/topic/audioconcepts

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