Klevgrand releases DAW LP - Vinyl Player Simulation Plug-in

So you want to bring vinyl sounding effects to your mixes while staying in the digital domain? Klevgrand's new DAW LP plugin could be for you.  

DAW LP is an effect plugin that simulates the sound of a vinyl disc (and player). With a variety of controls one can simulate scratched vinyl records, dusty pickup needles and rusty cables. Tune in anything from an old 78s player to a modern hifi sound.


DAW LP Features

  • Control scratches/crackles rate, level and ducking amount of the audio signal.

  • Faders for vinyl noise, amplifier noise and low frequency hum levels.

  • Continuous control of amplifier, pickup needle and cable quality.

  • Switch between 50 Hz hum and 60 Hz hum.

  • Adjust input gain, output gain and dry/wet mix  

Web: https://klevgrand.se/products/dawlp


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