Klevgränd Upgrades Haaze Stereo Processor To v2.0

Get a hefty discount on this upgraded stereo processing plug-in for a limited time. Here's how.  

The initial version of Haaze was released in 2016. Back then, as part of the Klevgrand Kanvas Series, Haze offered a quick and easy way to add stereo width to a sound. This update is free of charge for existing users.

Haaze 2.0 is a much more powerful tool for many kinds of stereo operations, with new filters, better control over the audio processing and a brand new user interface.


  • (Updated) Haas: Control delay time on 16 separate bands.'¨
  • (New) Pan: Pan any of the 16 bands between left and right channel.
  • (New) MS Stereo: From mono to (normal) stereo on each band.'¨
  • (New) Gain: Compensate gain on each band'¨
  • Plenty of factory presets in different categories.

Note: An AUv3 version for iPad is coming soon.


Mac/Windows AU/VST/AAX: $29.99'¨ iOS (iPad/Av3 only)'¨ (Intro price until September29, then $59.99) 

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