Killer Sound Design In Ableton Live Using Resampling

Resampling inside Live - and other DAWs - is a great way to quickly print down effects, edits and other changes to sounds, giving you a wide range of sound design options. Here's how it works.  

Anyone can load up a preset on a synth but to get really unique sonic results and create your own sound, you will need to understand some of the fundamentals of sound design. Ableton Live is an excellent tool for designing sounds and in this short video from the course Live 9 402: Killer Sound Design, Timo Preece tackles one of the key techniques that will help you do this - resampling. 

Timo shows you how to add effects like autofilter, LFO, grain delay and reverb and then use Live's sends and returns to route the audio internally and resample it to an audio clip. This technique, which can be used in any DAW that supports internal routing, or indeed used in hardware samplers, is a great way of quickly creating new and interesting sounds without spending hours tweaking a synth's dials. Be sure to check out the full course for an in-depth guide to creative sound design. 

Watch the full course Live 9 402: Killer Sound Design in the Ask.Audio Academy | macProVideo | AskVideo

Live 9 402: Killer Sound Design

This 41-tutorial course is a sound designer’s dream come true. Expert Timo Preece takes you through his well thought-out Ableton Live audio design curriculum exposing sonic secrets and expanding your techniques to help you understand the complexities of sonic sculpting.

Watch as Timo builds deceptively complex layering techniques. Learn advanced compression, signal flow and audio routing tricks. Then come along for the ride as Timo plunges deep into the depths of cool modulation and rhythmic gating FX.

When you finish this course, you will not only understand a ton more about sound design, you will also have a payload of audio knowledge that’ll enhance the way you produce any track in any studio and recording situation you may encounter.

So get ready for a deep dive into sound design with Ableton Live certified trainer and audio expert Timo Preece!

Watch the full course Live 9 402: Killer Sound Design in the Ask.Audio Academy | macProVideo | AskVideo

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