Ken MacBeth Demos M7-D Experimental Synthesizer Prototype. It Sounds Good!

One month ago we revealed news of the M7-D, a large, slider-based, experimental synthesizer Ken MacBeth was working on. Now we can watch and listen to the prototype in action.  

Ken MacBeth was working on a “card fronted” design of the M7-D back on June 10th. In less than a month we have a prototype of this large-format, experimental synth to listen to and watch in action thanks to these 2 videos which Ken uploaded yesterday.

Spoiler alert: It sounds really, really, really good. 

First up. Ken MacBeth explains this video as “a quick experiment” of the MacBeth M7-D first prototype- using a Korg SQ1 sequencer and a 1V/Octave CV/Gate keyboard… 

And it appears there’s more than one prototype, as Ken explains, “this one different from the last- M7-D (prototype) being controlled by a CV/GATE kbd. This time featuring sub octaves and hard sync!”

Here’s what Ken MacBeth has told us about the specifications of this prototype. Remember this is likely to change but at least gives us a good idea of what the final M7-D will be like:

“It's 2 x Oscillators- Osc 2 having 2 sub octaves and it';s own pulse width modulator. Saw/Square/Tri on both oscs. Noise gen- white/dark/ MC1496 ring modulator. 2 x System 100 EGs. Trans Diode Ladder Filter. 1 x LFO- Tri/Squ S&H. Glide. A fair bit of cross mod. Oscillator sync....with sub octaves- something else! External in attenuaters with slider levels...targeted at the filter/osc 1, osc 2.....actually> etc etc!....more to follow…!"

MacBeth M7-D experimental synthesizer.

MacBeth M7-D experimental synthesizer.


To date no pricing or availability info exists.To stay on top of news on the upcoming M7-D from Ken MacBeth stay tuned to AskAudio. And of course follow Ken MacBeth on Facebook here.




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