K-Devices Releases Wov & TTAP Plugins, Get 50% Off At Launch

These Plug-ins are K-Devices' first of a new series of creative audio effects with DSP referred to as the Phoenix series. Here's what you need to know about WOV and TTAP.  

K-Devices makes some cool and unusual plugins and audio processors and the latest from its stable are WOV and TTAP - an amplitude modulator and creative delay effect respectively. Available at a significant discount for a short time after launch, here's what you need to know about them. 

WOV is a creative amplitude modulator, able to go from warm guitar tremolo like modulations, to quasi grains processing, to trance gate complex patterns, to instability and/or rhythm injection for drones and pads, and more.

TTAP is a delay effect with a set of creative features to process the delayed signal: this goes thru two buffers, that can be processed, and further delayed, independently.TTAP unusual structure lets musician easily achieve classic, or experimental delay results as well.

Web: www.k-devices.com/products/wov

Prices and Deals
Introductory offer (valid until March 17)
WOV €45 (-25%)
TTAP €45 (-25%)
Bundle €69 (-40%)
Discounts are applied automatically in the cart, no codes needed.

Official prices (after March 17)
WOV €59
TTAP €59
WOV+TTAP Bundle €99

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