Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith Haunting Modular Synth Performance Using MakeNoise Tempi & 4ms Spectral

Take a listen (and watch) this new video of modular synthesis virtuoso, Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith, performing an unassuming, yet hauntingly beautiful soundscape featuring MakeNoise modules.  

In her words, here’s how Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith explains her performance and how MakeNoise’s Tempi and 4ms Spectral Multiband Resonator were utilised to great effect:

“This patch demonstrates how the MakeNoise Tempi can be used as the foundation for complex timing variations in a very predefined way, which is incredibly useful for intentional composition. 

“In this patch I have Tempi Channel 1 pulsing the "Odd" input of the 4ms Spectral Multiband Resonator. Tempi Channel 2 is pulsing the "Even" input of the SMR. These are the only 2 that remain consistent in their time - although they are phasing. Channels 3-6 of the Tempi are set to divisions and multiplications of Channels 1 and 2 by factors of 2 and 4. Additionally, Channel 6 is patched to the Tempi MOD Input. During the performance I intermittently activate MOD Mode on Channels 3-6, causing them to rotate.

“Tempi Channels 3-5 are sent to the CV Bus of the MakeNoise to trigger Maths, Function, direction and clock of Pressure Points and X-Clock of Rene. 

“The Quantized CV Out of Rene is sent to the CV Bus and then to 4 voices, all tuned to different harmonies, that I bring in and out with the RxMx and the other mixers. I used Maths and Function as an analog shift register to take these sequenced voices out of parallel motion.

“The DPO's Mod Osc is in LFO Mode, and is modulating the waveshape of the STOs, the frequency of the MMG, and Telharmonic Flux. 

“The 4ms SMR plays the main harmonic structure and foundational rhythmic voice of the piece ( being pulsed by the Tempi ). I am recalling 6 preprogrammed presets, each with different chord voicings as well as EQ settings. I am also unlocking a bass frequency to change the bass line note.”

Web: www.kaitlynaureliasmith.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/kaitlynaurelia

Video shot by Sean Hellfritsch: https://twitter.com/shellfritsch

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That's very impressive...and inspiring. I'm just getting into analog synthesis and can see I have a lot to learn. I just acquired a Moog Mother-32 and think I might get another one to start with. Although I don't expect to get to the level of expertise that this lady has attained, I hope to have fun learning and to, perhaps, come up with some good musical ideas in the process. I've seen quite a few videos of people performing on modular synths and it seems that women have a real knack for it. Perhaps, having smaller hands allows you to actually get through that maze of cables in order to tweak all the controls ;-)

At any rate, it's a great video...I really enjoyed listening to it.
The beauty of modular clarnet :)

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