Just What Is A Condenser Mic Anyway? Here's How It Works In Under 2 Minutes.

If you've ever been baffled by the terminology of the pro audio world, our AudioPedia series is here to make it crystal clear. In this short video, Joe Albano gets to grips with condenser mics.  

We all need to use microphones at some stage or another, whether recording a single voice, a drum kit or a full band. But the terminology around the different kinds of microphone available can be confusing. Our AudioPedia series is designed to explain and demystify the jargon and terminology used in the pro audio world and in this short video, Joe Albano turns his attention to condenser mics. What are they, exactly?

The specifics, as you will learn, are all about the design of the mic and the electronics that it uses to convert sound waves into analog or digital signal and then pass this to your recording device. Condenser mics are known for having a crystal clear, open and detailed sound and Joe explains precisely why this is the case. Be sure to check out the other videos in this concise course for much more on mics and mic technology!  

Watch the full course AudioPedia 106: Microphones in the AskAudio Academy | AskVideo | macProvideo

AudioPedia 106: Microphones

Our AudioPedia series is a comprehensive video dictionary of audio terminology. Created by audio expert Joe Albano, this encyclopedia of technical terms is the ultimate audio reference tool. Here are the topics covered and defined in the sixth installment of this authoritative series:


  • Transducer
  • Microphone | Mic
  • Dynamic Mic
  • Ribbon Mic
  • Condenser Mic
  • Phantom Power
  • Large Diaphragm | Small Diaphragm
  • Polar Pattern | Directionality
  • Pressure | Pressure Gradient
  • Omnidirectional Mic Pattern
  • Bi-Directional | Figure-8
  • Unidirectional | Cardioid
  • Stereo Miking
  • Stereo Miking - Spaced Omnis | Decca Tree
  • Stereo Miking - Coincident | XY | Blumlein
  • Stereo Miking - Near-Coincident | ORTF | NOS
  • Binaural Recording
  • Close Miking | Close Mic
  • Multi-Miking
  • Proximity Effect
  • Plosives | P-Pops
  • Pad | Microphone Pad
  • Phase vs Polarity

So join audio expert and trainer Joe Albano and get a deep understanding of audio terminology with the AudioPedia series!

Watch the full course AudioPedia 106: Microphones in the AskAudio Academy AskVideo | macProvideo.  

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