Jordan Rudess & Friends In 3D Audio

From classical to impressionistic piano to experimental rock with exciting, spacious synth soundscapes, Jordan Rudess, Steve H. and Jerry Marotta encompassed all of these in this unique concert.

Jordan Rudess, Steve Horelick and Jerry Marotta in 3D Audio! The most exciting music journey and an amazing immersive experience is coming soon. Three genius musicians playing together at the famous Dreamland Studios.

Steve H., Jordan Rudess, and Jerry Marotta

Steve H., Jordan Rudess, and Jerry Marotta

This spectacular and singular concert was captured by multiple 360° cameras and Zylia’s 3rd order Ambisonics microphones so you could experience it at home as vividly as you would be at the live event.

Dreamland Studio

Dreamland Studio



"Everybody is aware that spatial audio is becoming a really big deal. The Zillion guys have been in this for a long time, and they knew that this was really coming and are really prepared for it.—Jordan Rudess.


Virtuoso and technologist extraordinaire Jordan Ruddess tells more about the project: "We had this idea to do this amazing kind of art piece together which is so interesting to me because Spatial Audio is kind of a big thing right now. I think that as technology kind of marches on, our ability to have these high-end kind of really cool listening experiences are just growing. It's hard I guess for some people to imagine that it can get better than listening to a pair of really good headphones with a good album, but the reality is that spatial audio really offers a whole nother experience because you'll be able to hear sounds from different parts of the room, hear sounds from behind you, and the artist and the engineers can produce these amazing audio experiences."

Find out more about the project and stay tuned for the upcoming premiere at

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