Isotonik Studios Releases NOISS COKO Control Pack For Ableton Live

Control Pack by Noiss Coko & Isotonik Studios is actually three Max4Live devices in one: CC Manager, CC Random and Random. Now you can take control over external instruments and Live 10's parameters.  

This new Max4Live pack from Isotonik Studios and Noiss Coko can truly give Ableton Live the power to be the centerpiece of your studio setup, whether you've got lots of MIDI hardware connected or use other music software too.

Here's what Isotonik tells us about the new Control Pack M4L:

At Synthfest in Sheffield last year (we'll be back!) we lost count of the number of setups that had awesome looking external gear on show and Ableton running in the background.

So when NOISS COKO aka Javier Salthu first sent us his Modulation Pack it included an awesome little device for controlling CC's and we could see the appeal straight away. As it didn't fit in with the audio modulation theme of the pack Javier removed it to work on it another day, and work on it he has. The video at the top of the page gives you an understanding of how it could work in your setup and we don't stop there!

Consisting of three MaxforLive Devices, CC Manager, CC Random and Random (The Audio Device Version of CC Random) this pack is designed to bring new level of control and randomisation over External Instruments and Ableton Live Parameters.

CC Manager is a MIDI effect, capable of sending up to eighteen MIDI Control Change messages, mainly used as modulation source for external devices such as synthesizers, drum machines, samplers, and any other instrument that enables remote control through Control Change, Program Change or Pitch Bend messages.

Equally useful for both live and studio performance, this device offers an alternative interface for situations where multiple parameters from one or more instruments require simultaneous modulation; when these changes must be extremely precise; or if they are just too complex to be played by hand. For all these scenarios CC Manager presents a different solution, allowing the automation of each parameter using clips inside Live.

Besides the main uses described above, CC Manager works also as a bridge between Live and other programs, since MIDI Control Change messages could be sent outside Live in order to control another audio or video software. An essential part of the Control Pack!

Joining CC Manager are two other MaxforLive devices, one for MIDI tracks and the other for Audio Tracks, both add a level of Randomisation to either control external gear or parameters within Live!


Release: OUT NOW

Price: £20.99 exc. VAT


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