Isotonik Studios Releases Modulation M4L Pack & FREE Sampler For Ableton Live

Bringing the genius that is NOISS COKO into the Isotonik Studios collective only makes it stronger and more attractive as the new M4L Modulation pack and Sempler (free sampler) demonstrate.  

Isotonik Studios have just added to their collective... both in terms of Max For Live devices, packs and makers. Here's what they tell us about their latest Modulation Max for Live pack and the unique (and FREE) sequence-based sampler, Sempler...

Followers of our website will know that we've been on a mission to collate the best MaxforLive developers and gather them together into the Isotonik Collective. The latest addition to the group is the supremely talented Javier Salthú under the guise of his NOISS COKO imprint.

We're delighted to bring you details of the first releases through our new web-store, there's a premium pack for advanced modulation of audio and a smattering of free devices that you'll find on the site as well.


The Modulation Pack consists of four MaxforLive devices designed for advanced modulation of audio.

Isotonik Studios Modulation

AM Module

AM Module can be used to create auto panning, tremolo or amplitude modulation effects. It offers four different modulation waveforms and several ways to determine its frequency, covering a widerange that goes from 0.01 Hz to 12.500 Hz.

FM Delay

This device is a stereo delay effect that offers individual time control for each channel, including also two oscillators as modulation source for both left and right time values. Time and rate modes allow to express their values using different unit styles: musical notes, note durations (sync) and milliseconds/Hz.

AM & Delay Chain

The Modulation Pack concludes with a pair of devices called AM Chain & Delay Chain, as MaxforLive devices these work in tandem with the others in the pack.

AM & Delay Chain are audio effects that use layers to modulate or delay audio where values are defined using musical notes. For instance, if the selected note is A3, time will be equal to 2.27 ms or frequency to become 440Hz



Isotonik Studios Sempler

Sempler is a sequence based sampler that allows you to play and improvise from audio files in many different ways.

You can use its eight step sequencer to set up parameters and values, that can also be changed manually. Create sample based rhythmic and percussive patterns adjusting the file position, global pitch, fragment size and hold values step by step. Two channels are available, each one with its own buffer and sequence configuration.


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