Isotonik Studios Releases AMAZING NOISES - Granular Lab for Ableton Live

Isotonik Studios welcome Maurizio Giri of Amazing Noises to their collective with the release of Granular Lab for Ableton Live users. A real treat.  

Amazing Noises Maurizio Giri is the co-author of what many consider to be the bible for Max, Electronic Music & Sound Design, a series of publications that we relied on in the early days of developing in MaxforLive.

It's therefore a humbling yet massive honour to welcome Maurizio to the Isotonik Collective and release his first pack through the Isotonik Studios store.

Granular Lab is described as the ultimate granular manipulation suite! Consisting of three MaxforLive audio devices for Ableton Live. To get you started the pack also comes with more than 100+ presets!


Grain Cooler generates polyphonic streams of short grains. Each stream contains a frozen or stretched granulation of the input sound.

Grain Cooler by Amazing Noises


Grain Crusher 2 is a Max for Live device which performs “Extreme Grain Manipulation”. It is a noise and glitch FSU audio effect: you can get a lot of strange and unique sounds from its 3 processing modules: the Delay Modulator, the Grain Mangler and the External Feedback Loop.

Grain Crusher by Amazing Noises


Grain Reverser 2 granulates the input sound and reproduces it in reverse. It has a feedback circuit and a multi-mode filter. It can create a wide variety of effects, from psychedelic reversed sounds to ethereal resonances to massive harmonic transpositions.Grain Reverser 2 by Amazing Noises


Available: NOW

PRICE: £22.99 Exc VAT


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