Isotonik Studios Presents the FREE MYR Max4Live Performance Utilities

The good folks at Isotonik Studios never sleep. It's official. They're back with a tasty collection of seven Max for Live devices by MYR which will give you more control over your Ableton Live clips.  

In a new partnership the Isotonik Collective has grown by one to include James Christian Waterworth AKA MYR.

James has been responsible for the Clip Chopper device that has been in’s top ten since it was released. In advance of his updated Clip Chopper being released under the Isotonik banner he’s pulled together a suite of devices that allow the Ableton Live user to have deeper control over their live productions and performances.

The Performance Utilities collection consists of 7 MaxforLive devices, with more to be released over the coming weeks, they allow the user to MIDI Map and easily automate things like the Clip Gain or Pitch. You can Nudge Clips and set the tempo of your Live set even MIDI map the track routing. The download comes as a Live Ready Pack so that the devices all install themselves into Ableton Lives Library so they can be browsed with the Ableton Push.

MYR Performance Utilities - Walkthrough from Isotonik Studios on Vimeo.



CLIP GAIN / PITCH / NUDGE / WARP - individual maxforlive devices that allow the gain, pitch, nudge and warp mode of an audio clip to be MIDI mapped or automated. It automatically focuses on whatever audio clip is currently playing and provides a variety of user interface controls to control these parameters.

SET TEMPO - allows the tempo of the Live Set to be MIDI mapped and automated. It allows the tempo automation to be written into Clips and provides advanced options for controlling the tempo, such as changing relative to the current tempo and rounding or truncating the tempo to a whole number.

SOUND FILE RECORDER - designed to allow the recording of audio files on any Track and at any point within the effects chain. It provides options for setting what format the recorded audio files will be and allows you to MIDI map or automate the recording.

TRACK ROUTING - allows the input and output routing settings of a Track to be MIDI mapped or automated. It provides text fields where you can type in the desired routing and then allows these settings to be stored as a preset. These presets can then be recalled by MIDI mapping or automation.

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Price - FREE!


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