Isotonik Studios Presents Brainwash by Ned Rush

Brainwash is a visualiser for Max For Live that offers you the chance to creatively add audio/visual elements to your Ableton Live sets that are immersive, heavily tactile and deeply psychedelic.  

Brainwave by Ned Rush (from Isotonik Studios) responds to the amplitude in your audio signal, converts sound to visual data that can then be fed back into itself, twisted, zoomed, and sculpted into fractal corridors of colour and light that will genuinely make you leave your body, and as this is Max For Live, all parameters are available from your midi controller ready to be tweaked live or recorded into your arrangement. You could even use it in conjunction with the screen capture software of your choice to create music videos that will blow minds. 

Brainwash Walkthrough Video by Ned Rush:

The floating main window lets you use a second screen or projector to share your shapes with the world, whilst a smaller window in the device let's you keep tabs on what's happening. 

A choice of "bars" or "wave" gives you options to select between the type of data  that your audio is represented with, some experimental colour and hue parameters let you add all kinds of colourful tones to the feedback loop, but things really kick off when using the rotate and zoom parameters to convolve and contort the feedback look into abstract worlds that flicker and twirl and are waiting to be explored. 

Finally you can also use the amplitude of the audio to modulate these parameters to create self evolving fractal kaleidoscopes that you can leave to do their own things whilst you get back into the mix.”

Brainwave by Ned Rush


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