Isotonik Studios Arcade Series - Asteroids & Free Utilification Pack

What new goodies Isotonik Studios been cooking up for Ableton Live and Push users? A new retro-video game inspired Max4Live Device for Push and a free Utilification Live Rack Pack!  

Arcade Series - Asteroids

Ableton Certified Trainer Mark Towers joins the Isotonik Studios team!

We first came across Mark through his work at the Leicester Ableton User Group and subsequently for his Max4Live device Push Pong which opened up our eyes to generative sequencing.

Inspired by the popularity of this original device Mark has been working tirelessly on a set of tools for Ableton that are inspired by the retro Arcade games of our youth.

The first device in the series is Asteroids, a generative sequencer that can be used in Standalone Mode or with deep integration to the Ableton PUSH...

Arcade Series - Asteroids Push Integration from Isotonik Studios on Vimeo.

Find out more... CLICK HERE

Utilification - Free Pack

Performodule making your workflow that little bit smoother! 

The Utilification Pack is a set of go to devices for production tasks with controls to optimise workflow. It includes the following racks:

  • -inf to 0db Fader '" Extending the range of Lives in built Utility device
  • Instant Muter '" A simple knob that will mute audio through it when its raised above it's minimum
  • Stereo Panner '" As one side is moved away from Stereo Panning the content of that side is retained and moved to the other side without being faded out, use this if you want to position a stereo instrument or sound without removing it's content. Especially useful for things like stereo miked guitars
  • LR to MS & MS to LR Controller '" Use to encode L-R audio into a Mid Side signal
  • Phase Adjust '" Gives 4 phase flipping possibilities for better placement of a sound, to fix the phase of stereo miking or for psycho-acoustic effects

And it's FREE, it's a no-brainer!

Download Now... CLICK HERE

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