Isotonik Releases Sonic Horizons Patch, Sample & Session Pack for Novation Circuit

Isotonik Studios, not content with making the Ableton Live experience more satisfying are boosting your Novation Circuit with this latest Pay-based pack.  

Isotonik Studios have been waiting for Emynona to deliver his follow up to the Mind Travellers pack for what seems like an age, every time the proposed release neared a new video appeared of his design process but no pack... Sometimes perfection takes a while to create it seems! 

Now it's ready though, and released today! 64 Patches, 64 Samples & 16 Sessions...

Sonic Horizons was designed for the Novation Circuit to be Emynonas most complete with enough musical and sonic variations in a Downtempo/ Psy-chill mood, a pack that will end up being used in many different type of situations.

The first page of patches contains 8 Basses Mono, 8 Basses Polyphonic and 16 Polyphonic Pads/Movement (17-32)

The second page contains the Leads/FX & is organized in a very particular way. The page is split in 2 on the vertical. Left patches are Monophonic Auto-Glide (with access to the Portamento) and at the right are the Polyphonic patches (With motion macro instead of the portamento).

With standardisation across the macro controls you'll always know what you're controlling!

Checkout the video above for examples of the first 8 sessions that come with the pack.

If you thought you'd got everything you could out of your Circuit think again!!


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