Isotonik Release New Ableton Control Surface Script for Novation LaunchControl

Novation users and Ableton user rejoice! Isotonic's Sigabort is back with some control scripting magic to turn your Novation LaunchControl into an entirely useful controller for Ableton Live.  

We here have a fascination with small form MIDI controllers, they may be diminuitive in size but with a little Sigabort magic they can pack a ton of functionality within them. The next in our series of Control Surface Scripts for Ableton Live is for Novations LaunchControl, an 8 button 16 Encoder mini beast...


Given the number of Factory and User Pages of settings we decided to add our trademark AutoMapping Upgrade. Switch to User 6 Mode and whatever is being controlled by the BlueHand Automapping feature of Live will now give over 16 parameters of control to the encoders for each bank!


Of course working in banks of 16 is a different concept to the standard 8's, as such you may find that you want to tweak how Devices, Instruments, VST's, AU's and MaxforLive devices are AutoMapped. Good job we've made this budget script PrEditor compatible then as you can build up the maps in the assigned 16's and even map parameters previously hidden to all bu the Ableton Push & Push TWO!


And not only that, with our LaunchSync Series you can additionally sync the on screen Ring Focus Box to other supported controllers, adding two rows of encoders to a Novation LaunchPad or AKAI APC40 amongst others...


In line with our other Control Surface Scripts you can define a set of options to personalise your controller even further.

  • Choose between different modes for displaying return tracks
  • Set a maximum number of return tracks to display
  • Set how many tracks are moved left and right when moving around the set
  • Choose whether the master track is displayed, allowing master volume to be controlled

MORE DETAILS - Novation LaunchControl X - CLICK HERE 

ps. Isotonik have got the Native Instruments JAM, Allen & Heath K1 & K2 in the lab.... so we can expect to see more scripts to make these good controllers into even more capable ones soon!


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