Isotonik Bus Racks For Ableton Live Are Cooler Than They Sound

Working with busses in Ableton Live just got a whole lot more fun and interesting thanks to Isotonik Studios Bussification Live pack. Check out the video below to see it in action.  

Released today, Isotonik Studio's Bussification Ableton Live Pack is a collection of buss effect racks that'll get your tracks sounding polished in no time flat. They also come equipped with lots of info to help you apply the right effects to the right sounds... if that's what you want.

Here's what Isotonik told us via email:

"For our first release of 2017 we turn to Animus Inviduous of PerforModule & his Bussification Ableton Live Pack...

"Designed specifically to focus upon working with Busses within a production this set of comprehensive Live Racks have been meticulously configured to bring instant results to any rough masterpieces..."

Here's a walkthrough from Joshua Casper where he explains how essential this pack can be for Live users:

"With a set of GroupBuss racks designed to work on Instrument Busses you'll find them atuned to the Bass or Wind section or even the Larynx when working with vocals...

"Drum Processing gets it's own pair of racks designed to get the either the most out of Core Kits consisting of Kicks & Snares, or further refinement for the percussive section of toms etc.

"The final section of racks is dedicated to Return tracks, you can choose to add the sonic character of CD, Cassette or Vinyl (I thought Vinyl was dead?) or drop in an AuxBuss rack to add Space or Dirt without losing the essential punch!"

Instrument Bussification

GroupBusses are designed to be placed on a group of tracks in a mix which include similar types of instruments, to help glue them together. Each has a different range of selectable focus frequency.

  • GroupBuss Bass – For bass guitars, synths, and low-frequency sound effects.
  • GroupBuss Bowed -For string instruments.
  • GroupBuss Horn – For brass instruments.
  • GroupBuss Keys – For full-range pianos & keyboards.
  • GroupBuss Larynxical – For vocals.
  • GroupBuss MeLeady – For melodic lead lines.
  • GroupBuss Plucked – For plucked acoustic instruments.
  • GroupBuss Strummed – For strummed acoustic instruments.
  • GroupBuss Wind – For woodwind instruments.

Drums Bussification

These do what they say on the tin, add range, warmth, dirt…

  • GroupBuss Kit Core – For a full drum kit.
  • GroupBuss Kit Perc – For percussion layers.

Special Bussification

AuxBusses are designed to be placed on a return with multiple tracks fed into it to various degrees.

  • AuxBuss Dirt – Add dirt, crisp, and grit for increasing perceptible acuteness of raw lucidity in a mix.
  • AuxBuss Space – Pull up, enhance, and glue together the background spaciousness in a mix, without loss of punch.
  • MasterBusses are designed for being applied to the 2-buss (master channel) during mixdown.
  • MasterBuss Cassette Tape – Gives the nuances and character of being printed and played back on a cassette tape, including fidelity simulation, generative hiss, and source-reactive sub and air distortion.
  • MasterBuss CD – A pre-mastering channel strip to help prepare for replication via web and CD. Different macro controls are tied to the “Fundamental” parameter, which can be set to the root key of the song for ideal results.
  • MasterBuss Vinyl Record – Gives the nuances and character of being printed and played back on a vinyl record. Also includes an RIAA filter which could be useful for importing tracks directly from a turntable which is not routed through an RIAA preamp (i.e. if you plug your turntable directly into your audio interface).






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