Isotonik & AudiOutlaws Introduce MINI Noise Shapers for Ableton Live

NoisR FX is an awesome module for manipulating FX in Ableton Live, so to follow up AudiOutlaws & Isotonik Studios have teamed up to bring you mini FX units that can be solitary or chained.  

The AudiOutlaw boys are working on something BIG, but whilst that's being ruthlessly tested they've not been resting on their laurels. Now the fruits of their labour have been born and they're little bundles of joy called MINI's!

Born out of the ever popular NoisR FX, these are the little brats that will bring FX manipulation to life in your Ableton Live set. Whilst NoisR FX was an all in one singing & dancing FX unit, these little beauties are solitary noise shapers that can be chained together or left to sing on their own...

AudiOutlaw - MINI's from Isotonik Studios on Vimeo.

WE PRESENT.... THE MINI's!! Individual FX units for any occasion.....

Isotonik Studios AudiOutlaw MIIN modules 1
Isotonik Studios AudiOutlaw MIIN modules 2
  • Filter – a smooth, multi-mode filter that can be modulated by an on-board cycling ADSR Auto-
  • Gate – an ADSR-shapeable tremolo-like effect which can operate at creepingly slow or lightning fast speeds.
  • Overdrive – a beefy saturation module that includes an auto-ducking feature which adjusts the overdrive level in response to transients. The auto-ducking sounds great and really smooths out the distortion.
  • Flange – Standard flange effect with a wide range of tempo-synced speeds for soaring phase effects or wobbly chorus-style sounds.
  • Ring Modulator – A pseudo-ringmod that uses a short delay with high feedback to produce a pitched ringing effect along with your sound input.
  • Pitch Shift – A simple pitch shifter with a mix knob for harmonies, a reset button and a pitch knob.
  • Echo – standard echo effect with optional reverse mode. Can be synced to master rate
  • Reverb – A huge, lush reverb with hipass and lopass filters, and a freeze button for infinite reverb

If you can't give a home to all of them, then grab what you want, one device at a time (there's a deal for grabbing the lot of course!)..... 


WARNING: For a LIMITED period ONLY the MINI's are a part of the NoisR FX Suite!   

NOISR FX £19.99 including MINI's

MINI's £9.99 for the full set or £2.99 Each....!



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