ISOTONIK Announces New Release: NOISR FX From Audio Outlaw

Great news for FX enthusiasts: dynamic custom signal routing has arrived thanks to Isotonic's NOISR FX effects suite for Ableton.  

Recently, Audio Outlaw came out with a bang brought us their debut release: the free, pulsing, synthy noise generator NOISR. Fitting with their name, it was stylish, useful and played by its own rules. Other noise generators were out there, but none provided the pulsing rhythms and smooth filter we found in NOISR.

Today, Isotonik has announced that Audio Outlaw will be releasing a new effects suite which includes and expands upon their previous innovations, offering a multi-FX unit with several stompbox-style effects like overdive, ring modulation, flange, pitch shift, echo and reverb (separate mini-module versions also included). All time-based effects can be synced to the master plugin rate, so they operate at the same time, and everything is connected in a network that offers a new feature many of us have been waiting for for a long time: dynamic signal routing between effects!

If you have a moment in your performance that you need the distortion to be after the echo in the chain, and you just want to switch momentarily, you can do it quickly just by turning the chain position knob for one of the effects. You can easily run the effects in series or in parallel, in any order you like. This makes it possible to perform sets that require changing signal chains throughout the track-- something that was only possible before using several return tracks with different signal chains on each one, which is a confusing and CPU-hungry process, and lacks the all-in-one-place feel of NOISR FX.

The individual modules also have a lot to offer on their own:

  • Oscillator: On-board noise generators of several types and the four standard waveforms
  • MIDI control utility: allows the user to control the oscillator or other effects using MIDI
  • Filter: a smooth, multi-mode filter that can be modulated by an on-board cycling ADSR
  • Auto-gate: an ADSR-shapeable tremolo-like effect which can operate at creepingly slow or lightning fast speeds. -Overdrive: a beefy saturation module that includes an auto-ducking feature which adjusts the overdrive level in response to transients. The auto-ducking sounds great and really smooths out the distortion.
  • Flange: Standard flange effect with a wide range of tempo-synced speeds for soaring phase effects or wobbly chorus-style sounds.
  • Ring Modulator: A pseudo-ringmod that uses a short delay with high feedback to produce a pitched ringing effect along with your sound input. Can be controlled by the MIDI utility
  • Pitch Shift: A simple pitch shifter with a mix knob for harmonies, a reset button and a pitch knob. Can be controlled by the MIDI utility
  • Echo: standard echo effect with optional reverse mode. Can be synced to master rate
  • Reverb: A huge, lush reverb with hipass and lopass filters, and a freeze button for infinite reverb
  • Limiter: a one-knob limiter lets the user easily reduce output peaks if desired

All of these syncing together in a dynamic routing network and a stunning interface make for one serious effects unit! Visit to buy now for only £15.99.


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