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Shapes is a collection of Shaper Presets, Audio Effect Racks, and Instrument Racks for Ableton Live, comprised of Shaper Presets and complementary Audio Effect and Instrument Racks.

Ever wanted to modulate a parameter in the shape of a city line, rising tides, or even a dolphin? Now's your chance! Created by pATCHES & PerforModule, Shapes is a true modulation paradise. Very easy to install, this Ableton Live pack gives you access to a collection of complex Shaper presets, audio effect racks, and instrument racks. Shapes is an invitation to sonic exploration and experimentation, but if you want more guidance, the detailed user guide ensures you get the most out of the pack. Shapes is an excellent way to add movement, expression, and life into your productions!




You can use these directly to add “shaped” modulation to any parameter in Live. Each Shaper can modulate up to eight parameters with its custom curvature. Think of them as LFOs, but instead of just basic sine or triangle waves, etc., you can apply any arbitrary shape you want. To save you time, these fun & interesting shapes have been pre-formulated for you to use in production immediately.

‘Shapes’ come in four varieties, “Pulses”, “Rises”, “Sawblades” and “Silhouettes”.
The first three categories are more utilitarian; head to “Silhouettes” for the most fun stuff…! 

Shapes – Audio Effects Racks

A versatile set of tools to modulate audio.These racks utilize the complex and varied shapes in the pack to create a wide range of effects from subtle textural modifications to dramatic transformations. 

Shapes - Instrument Racks

These Instrument Racks are expertly crafted to offer a wide range of sonic textures, from evolving ambient landscapes to dynamic rhythmic patterns and deep bass tones.Each rack is meticulously designed to respond expressively to user input, allowing for nuanced control and the exploration of diverse musical ideas, making them ideal for composers and producers seeking to add unique and emotive elements to their music. 


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