Is TipTop Audio's Mantis The Low-Cost, Flexible Eurorack Case We've Been Waiting For?

Modular synthesizer cases range from the well-designed to the home-made, from expensive, custom-made with ivory (I exaggerate), to a hacked IKEA loo roll holder. And along came TipTop Audio's Mantis!  

There’s a lot of different cases out there for your modular synth setup spanning a range of different colors, materials, and designs. And although yours truly is partial to wood cases, when I first laid eyes on TipTop Audio’s Mantis the penny dropped and I was convinced this could be a very popular case.

Here’s a modular case designed to help your rabble / collection of eurorack modules “look, work, and feel like a professional instrument.” 

TipTop Audio Mantis

“Mantis has two rows of 104HP for you to rack your modules. It comes fully powered and assembled, just drop in your modules and play.” Yup, we’re talking a plug-and-play approach for eurorack enthusiasts.

TpTop Audio Mantis eurorack case

Mantis can be set in three different positions: 0, 45 and 90 degrees. On the top of that it’s not pricey compared to the competition. We’re talking around $335 USD / €399 EUR. Mantis could be ideal for those getting started in Eurorack land and especially appealing to be those performing live with modular too. 

It's flexible.

Interested in TipTop Audio's Circadian Rhythm grid sequencer? Check out this video walkthrough by Celldweller.


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